Chrome pop-up notifications out now on Windows and Chrome OS

Chrome pop-up notifications out now on Windows and Chrome OS

We already knew that Google was working on bringing interactive notifications to its Chrome browser but with Chrome version 28 released today, they’re finally available. Windows and Chrome OS users can look forward to rich notifications that were previously only available in the Chrome beta channel.

The new notifications don’t offer anything too dramatic in terms of features. They come with the unified card-style that debuted with Google+ and Google Now. Gmail notifications are still very basic, and only show the Gmail icon, sender address, and subject line. There’s no way to initiate a reply or to archive the email from the notification.

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While the new notifications can be integrated with third party extensions, not many take advantage of them. Currently, only first-party apps like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google+ work. When more developers take advantage of the notification API, you can expect rich alerts, embedded images, and actions.

We’ll see if Google wants to integrate this feature into the mobile version of Chrome for Android and iOS, though it’s less relevant since each operating system has its own notification system. Google is also planning on bringing the new notifications to the Mac version of Chrome but they have a bit more work to do before it’s complete.

[Source: Google Chrome Blog | Download: Windows]

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