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Google wants to help you find free Wi-Fi and save your mobile data

Google released Datally last year to help mobile users take control of their data usage. According to Google, since its release, Datally has helped the average user save 21% of their mobile data. With up to a fifth of your data saved by better management alone, if you’ve ever faced expensive bills due to going over your allowance, Datally is definitely worth downloading. To sweeten the deal further, a recent update has added another great new feature to help us stay within our data allowances. Datally now has a Wi-Fi map that will make it easier than ever to find nearby Wi-Fi networks.

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“The Wi-Fi Map shows you all of the nearby Wi-Fi networks, so you can find the best quality network nearby. More Wi-Fi should help you continue surfing the net without worrying about how much it’s eating into your data plan. You can even rate that network after you connect.”

Image via: Google

As well as the Wi-Fi map, Datally’s other features are worth noting. It gives you greater control over which apps can use your data, allows you to set a daily limit for data usage, has a guest mode so that anybody using your phone can’t hog all of your data, offers easy to understand data usage metrics, and offers personalized recommendations on how you can save data.

All in all, Datally is a very handy app to have, and its latest update has made it even better. If you use too much mobile data, you should download it today and see if it helps you on your phone bill.

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