In depth: Google Chrome for Business

In depth: Google Chrome for Business

I’m going to be controversial here – Chrome is hands-down the best browser around. If you agree, then you’ll want to use Google’s browser wherever you can. whether at home or in work. If you have a business, or manage a company network, then you’ll need Google Chrome for Business, the version of Chrome specifically tailored to networked organizations.

On the face of it, there’s very little difference between the Chrome we know and love and the version that’s perfect for network administrators. When you download the file, you’ll get a .MSI. This differs to the normal .EXE installer in the sense that you won’t need an internet connection to install it, which makes it perfect if you’re a sys admin who needs to install Chrome to a network, rather than just an average home computer.

What else will Chrome for Business offer you? Well, it allows Chrome use to be managed via policies, which are central configuration options for groups of people, rather than individuals. For Windows, these policies are managed via ADM and ADMX templates and are used when you want to configure Chrome or make changes that are not changeable by your average user. If the change is one that the user is welcome to modify, you need to look at preferences instead. You also can change these centrally, but so can the individual user!

For example, one of the areas that you – but not your users – might want to control is updates. This is precisely the kind of thing that Google Chrome for Business helps you keep under control. Of course you’ll want to let Chrome update, but you may need to check that the update doesn’t interfere with any processes before you roll it out to the rest of the company. Likewise when it comes to Google Docs – with Chrome for Business you’ll be able to limit who your users share their documents with, seriously limiting the risk of accidental (or malicious) leaks!

Remember that Chrome for Business is also available for Mac and Linux. Processes are slightly different, but just as well-supported and accessible. Regardless of what platform you’re using, even less experienced system administrators will be able to use Chrome for Business without a problem. Installation is straightforward, and every possible option, configuration and problem is provided for in the ample online help and guidance. There’s a reason why we’re such fans of Chrome, and using Chrome for Business only strengthens our beliefs!

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