RemoteDroid – use your Android to remotely control your computer

RemoteDroid –  use your Android to remotely control your computer

Every so often, I review an app that I think is super cool – but I can’t think of a single use for it. RemoteDroid is one of them. This application for Android – and its corresponding Windows/Mac server – allows you to to use your mobile as a wireless mouse and keyboard.


Setting RemoteDroid up is very easy, especially on a home network or other straightforward wireless connection. Install the app on your phone, and the server on your computer. When you open the mobile app, it will ask you for the IP address that appears when you open the server. Type it into your Android, and you’re set up. The server window also gives you a few instructions on how to use your phone as a mouse/keyboard, but it’s simple and should come to you pretty naturally.

Using RemoteDroid is much more comfortable that you would think. Most users will already be used to typing on the Android, and moving from window to window and program to program is relatively simple. While browsing forums about RemoteDroid, I saw one user with a good suggestion for the app – using it to change series while watching TV that’s streamed from your computer. Unfortunately, I don’t have a TV, and my living room is probably too small to warrant a remote anyway. Oh well, RemoteDroid is still a cool app, and I’m confident that if I keep it on my phone for long enough, I’m sure to find a use for it one day.

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