The best Facebook extensions for Opera

The best Facebook extensions for Opera

Facebook is great fun for catching up with friends, but there are things that annoy us all when using it. If you surf the Web with Opera, then go check out the useful Facebook extensions listed below, which will improve your experience of the social network.

All of the Opera extensions are free to download, and you can install them just by following the link, then clicking the Download button on the extension’s page. Once it’s downloaded, you’ll be prompted to install the extension. Click the Install button and the add-on’s functionality will be applied immediately.

To view and manage your installed Opera extensions, click the Opera button in the top-left of the browser, go to Extensions, and select the Manage Extensions option. You’ll see a list of all of the extensions you’ve installed, and you can disable/enable, uninstall, or adjust the preferences for each of them.

Facebook Ad Cleaner

Want to remove Facebook ads? It’s as simple as installing this extension in Opera. The add-on removes all those annoying little adverts, while keeping the important sidebar stuff, such as friends list, notifications, and so on.

Facebook Photo Theater Killer

Personally, I can’t stand the flashy, slow-to-load photo viewer in Facebook. Install the Photo Theater Killer and this will be ditched in favor of the old way of viewing pictures in Facebook. You should find this a much simpler and quicker way of flicking through photos.

Share on Facebook!

This handy Opera extension lets you quickly share any web page you’re looking at with your Facebook friends. Just click on the little icon that appears to the right of the address bar (it’s got a hand symbol on it) to post the link up on your wall, adding a comment if you like.


With the FaceChat extension you can open your Facebook chat window at any time while you’re browsing the web. Just click on the speech bubble icon next to the address bar and a pop-up will appear. It looks a little ugly and you’ll probably see a ‘The page you requested was not found’ message. Don’t be put off though – it does work. Just click the Chat option to load your list of online contacts then tap on a person to start talking to them.

Facebook Mobile

If you’re used to using Facebook on your phone, the site can seem big and scary when viewed on a desktop browser. This clever extension will make you feel more comfortable though, allowing you to view the mobile version of Facebook in a pop-up. Just click on the icon to open it in Opera.

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