All-in-One Sidebar Extension

All-in-One Sidebar Extension 0.7.11

Make Firefox options easier to see and use


  • Loads of configuration options
  • Very easy access


  • Quite large

Very good

All those little buttons at the top of Firefox contain a whole world of information and tools. There are so many, however, that sometimes you end up missing some of the most interesting. Solve the problem by looking at Firefox's options from a new perspective...

The All-in-One Sidebar is a handy little add-on for Firefox users that displays the options normally found at the top of the browser window in bar form, either at the left or right of the screen. The width, length and general appearance of the bar can all be modified, as can the individual elements within it. It's also easy to get rid of All-in-One Sidebar when you are not using it - one click on the toggle button and it will disappear.

The basic elements of All-in-One Sidebar are the usual suspects - bookmarks, history, downloads, add-ons and information about the tab/page you are viewing. These are arranged in tab-like format at the side of the All-in-One Sidebar, unless you change their location. There is also a quick-access drop down menu. A quick click on any of headings will open up further options, changing according to what tab you are examining.

There is no doubt that the All-in-One Sidebar makes viewing these basics much easier and more user-friendly. The tabs are easy to navigate, and the layout of the sub-options is very clear. The bar doesn't actually provide you with information that Firefox's options don't contain, but presented through All-in-One Sidebar they are much easier to view and use. The bar is big, and although you can modify it or make it disappear, when it is open it is quite invasive. If you spend a lot of time checking out areas such as your history and page information, it might be an invasion you can cope with. For the rest of us, however, it is hard to know if All-in-One Sidebar is actually worth the intrusion.

The All-in-One Sidebar provides very easy access to the usual Firefox options.

Compatibility with Fx 3.7a1pre Arabic (Saudi Arabia) (ar-SA) localization (thanks to Natty Dreed) Albanian (sq-AL) localization (thanks to Puntori)


  • Compatibility with Fx 3.7a1pre Arabic (Saudi Arabia) (ar-SA) localization (thanks to Natty Dreed) Albanian (sq-AL) localization (thanks to Puntori)
All-in-One Sidebar Extension


All-in-One Sidebar Extension 0.7.11

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