FacebookSync 2.2

Sync your Address Book with FaceBook


  • Syncing is effortless


  • Limited with Facebook's new Terms of Use

Not bad

FacebookSync was a really handy tool to pull out all sorts of personal information from your Facebook friends and sync that your Mac Address Book. Since FacebookSync was released though, time has passed and Facebook has been criticized for its handling of private data, forcing the social network to tighten security. This means that it's harder than ever for applications like Facebook Sync.

FacebookSync could take all sorts of information including name, numbers, emails, addresses and even photos. FacebookSync will still work but you will be much more limited in the information that you can access.

FacebookSync is easy to use: once launched and your Facebook account accessed, a pop up window for every one of your contact will appear and ask you whether you want to add the information to your Address Book. Obviously it can take a little while for FacebookSync to get around it all if you have a significant amount of friends.

Once synced, your friends will have been added and filed to your Address Book. Note that FacebookSync does not let you work the other way around.

Until Facebook changed its Terms of Use, it used to be very useful for syncing friends to your Address Book. Much more restricted now.

Updates to latest version of Facebook developer framework to fix connectivity issues


  • Updates to latest version of Facebook developer framework to fix connectivity issues


FacebookSync 2.2

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